Author: Victoria Weinblatt, MSEd, RYT-200, CMT

What to bring for my first yoga class?

“What to bring for my first yoga class?” — FAQs for Yoga Beginners   The most basic answer to your fabulous yoga question is comfortable exercise clothes: tight or loose. You also need a yoga mat–the good news is almost all studios and health clubs will have a mat for you to use. The use of the mat might be included in the price of the class or it could be an extra fee. You can always call the studio ahead of time and ask any questions before you go. When it comes to intangible needs, I recommend Getting...

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Silver Yoga Benefits Senior Women

Silver Yoga benefits senior women by significantly improving both physical and mental health (Journal of Clinical Nursing).   How to Do Silver Yoga A typical Silver Yoga class lasts between 55 and 70 minutes: The first part of a Silver Yoga class consists of 8 warm-up exercises, followed by 5 minutes of Shavasana—the Corpse Pose. During the second part of a Silver Yoga class, expect to do 7 Hatha yoga poses modified to accommodate seniors (or anyone with limited mobility). For the third part of a Silver Yoga class, you relax for 10 minutes in corpse pose meditation, followed...

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How to Improve Cardiovascular Function Without Exercising

You can improve cardiovascular function without exercising in 2 weeks with this combination of pranayama (yoga breathing), meditation, lecture, and prayer. —Heart Views     This yoga class is asana-free: NO poses; NO forward bending; NO downward dog; NO breaking into a sweat required; yet, cardiovascular function is improved. The yoga beginners, the participants, in this clinical study experienced both a reduction in heart rate and a reduction in blood pressure. Perhaps you can, too. Yoga Beginners Easily Learn Pranayama & Meditation Researchers from S. Nijalingappa Medical College in Karnakata, India Selected 50 healthy men and women between the...

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Hatha Yoga Poses to Reduce Anxiety

This series of Hatha yoga poses significantly reduces anxiety after only 8 classes, according to a study published in the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology.     Why should you reduce your anxiety level? Excessive anxiety is a “major component of unhealthy lifestyles.” The mental stress of chronic anxiety possibly contributes to the severity and progression of psychiatric and bodily illness, such as heart disease diabetes asthma 225 Unhealthy, Anxiety-Ridden Participants Researchers from the All India Institute of Medical Studies in New Delhi examined the effects of a lifestyle modification program, with a focus on yoga, on the state of...

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Yoga Reduces Cigarette Cravings, Jogging Does Too!

Yoga reduces cigarette cravings and jogging does too, according to a study from the USF Moffitt Cancer Center published in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research.     The best thing a cigarette smoker can do to improve their health is quit. Nearly 70 percent of cigarette smokers in the U.S. say they want to quit this unhealthy habit, but considering nicotine “may be as addictive as heroin, cocaine or alcohol,” conquering cigarette cravings is frequently a difficult task. Fortunately, researchers from the University of South Florida (USF) announced that leading a healthier lifestyle by adding yoga and exercise...

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Victoria is the Main Line’s Dog-Sitter, Cat-Sitter, Pet-Sitter

Victoria is the Main Line’s favorite Dog-Sitter Overnight Stays $60 Weekly discounts available   Dogs   Cats  Fish  & More Contact form - Send an email N A M E E M A I L & P H O N E E M A I L & P H O N E 10 + 8 = Submit In the comfort of your home. Victoria is the Main Line’s Dog-Sitter, Cat-Sitter, Pet-Sitter Get started by submitting the quick & easy, handy-dandy contact form above. As soon as I receive your info, I will contact you ASAP & you can tell me...

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Yoga Yoga: An Overview of Asanas

You can use the word “asana” interchangeably with the words position, pose, and posture. All four terms are correct. The word “asana” is a Sanskrit word. When you do Hatha yoga asanas, you join millions of other people around the world in practicing the centuries-old tradition of yoga yoga. Correct Sequence for a Hatha Yoga Class A typical Hatha yoga class consists of several series of asanas in the following sequence: Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) Standing forward bends Standing balance asanas Seated forward bends Back bending asanas Twisting asanas Inverted asanas History of Hatha Yoga Asanas Hatha yoga asanas...

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4 Ways Yoga Gets Rid of Depression

Yoga can prevent and treat depression without medication or as complimentary therapy, according to several clinical trials published in peer-reviewed medical journals.   You might be able to get rid of depression short-term after only one yoga class. But when it comes to fighting this unpleasant mental state over the long-term, practicing yoga regularly seems to produce better results than an irregular schedule. *Please note that those diagnosed with depression should not substitute yoga classes for medication unless approved by your doctor and people with suicidal thoughts should seek professional help immediately. 1. Yoga Enhances Depression Treatment & Promotes...

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