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What to bring for my first yoga class?

“What to bring for my first yoga class?” — FAQs for Yoga Beginners   The most basic answer to your fabulous yoga question is comfortable exercise clothes: tight or loose. You also need a yoga mat–the good news is almost all studios and health clubs will have a mat for you to use. The use of the mat might be included in the price of the class or it could be an extra fee. You can always call the studio ahead of time and ask any questions before you go. When it comes to intangible needs, I recommend Getting...

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Victoria is the Main Line’s Dog-Sitter, Cat-Sitter, Pet-Sitter

Victoria is the Main Line’s favorite Dog-Sitter Overnight Stays $60 Weekly discounts available   Dogs   Cats  Fish  & More Contact form - Send an email N A M E E M A I L & P H O N E E M A I L & P H O N E 2 + 11 = Submit In the comfort of your home. Victoria is the Main Line’s Dog-Sitter, Cat-Sitter, Pet-Sitter Get started by submitting the quick & easy, handy-dandy contact form above. As soon as I receive your info, I will contact you ASAP & you can tell me...

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Yoga Yoga: An Overview of Asanas

You can use the word “asana” interchangeably with the words position, pose, and posture. All four terms are correct. The word “asana” is a Sanskrit word. When you do Hatha yoga asanas, you join millions of other people around the world in practicing the centuries-old tradition of yoga yoga. Correct Sequence for a Hatha Yoga Class A typical Hatha yoga class consists of several series of asanas in the following sequence: Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) Standing forward bends Standing balance asanas Seated forward bends Back bending asanas Twisting asanas Inverted asanas History of Hatha Yoga Asanas Hatha yoga asanas...

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4 Reasons Why You Need Tight Yoga Pants

Tight yoga pants are all the rage as a sexy, fashion statement. For us yoga folks, the right yoga pants are an important part of getting the most out of yoga class.     There are several kinds of yoga pants and yoga beginners might be wondering “Do I have to wear tight yoga pants?” and “Which kind of yoga pants should I buy?” Do I Really Have to Wear Tight Yoga Pants? If you feel uncomfortable wearing clingy yoga clothing, don’t wear it. No one in your class will think any different of you. The thing is, tight yoga pants stay in place while you move in and out of yoga poses and while you are upside down. Loose-fitting workout wear may reveal your lower legs in a shoulder stand (so you might want to shave if that’s important to you) or ride up to reveal your tummy as you get into and out of yoga poses. The 4 reasons why you need tight yoga pants to get more out of yoga class are because they: won’t give you a wedgie when you squat don’t reveal your butt crack when you bend over less likely to give you a camel toe aren’t gonna fall towards your face when your upside-down Which Kind of Yoga Pants Should I Buy? Full-length tight yoga pants go down to your ankles. They’re either tight...

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The Genius of Yoga loves our friends! Please visit these awesome websites.

THE WILDMANS — Old Time tunes fueled by young spirit. Learn More The Wildmans is a family band based in Floyd, Virginia, featuring the talents of siblings Eli and Aila Wildman on mandolin, fiddle and vocals, with family friend Hunter Crawford on guitar, backed up by bandmom Deb Wildman on bass. Highly skilled instrumentals and soulful vocals applied to traditional bluegrass tunes with a smattering of old time, blues, and jazz combine to create a fresh new sound – old tunes fueled by young...

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Workplace Wellness Yoga in Southwest Florida

You and your coworkers in Naples, Bonita Springs, and Estero can have the luxury of enjoying yoga at work when you sign up for the YogaBreak or Workplace Yoga program. There is no limit to the number of students per class, as long as your room can accommodate them. I will come to your workplace by the hour and lead your employees through this enjoyable and healthy experience.

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Mission Statement

Welcome to The Genius of Yoga! Namaste. The Genius of Yoga focuses on bringing you the latest information on the physical and emotional health benefits of yoga from clinical studies published in medical journals from around the world. We hope these findings help to inspire and motivate you and your loved ones to start or continue practicing yoga. When available, and sometimes exclusively available on The Genius of Yoga, our content includes the sequence of the yoga class in the particular study. This way, if you want to try and replicate the same positive results for yourself and/or your students,  you...

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