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60-Minute Viniyoga Series Helps Osteoarthritis Insomnia

This 60-minute Viniyoga series helped to reduce the number of nights with sleep disturbance caused by osteoarthritis pain, according to a study published in Sleep Medicine. It’s very likely that you, or someone you love, has or will get osteoarthritis. One out of two Americans will suffer from some kind of osteoarthritis in their lifetime, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Half of older adults with osteoarthritis suffer from insomnia and: experience restless sleep have trouble staying asleep have trouble falling asleep The Viniyoga Prescription In this eight-week Viniyoga study on osteoarthritis, researchers from the University of Washington enrolled 13...

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An Iyengar Yoga Sequence to Reduce Stress

Here is a 90-minute Iyengar yoga sequence to reduce stress from a study by researchers at Charite University Medical Centre (Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine). Taking an Iyengar Yoga class once per week is an effective dose to reduce stress—and this study shows you probably won’t see additional improvement by going twice per week. Stress affects up to 80 percent of adults and has negative impacts your health, including speeding up the aging process, and contributes to Cardiovascular disease Degenerative neurological disease Chronic pain syndromes Delayed wound healing Depression Cancer Fortunately, yoga presents a self-care option that helps some people...

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