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Estero Dog-Sitter, Step-by-Step

  1. Fill out the contact form above and click “submit.”
  2. I will contact you ASAP by phone and we can discuss your situation.
  3. On the phone, I can give you an estimate and set up an appointment for a FREE home consultation.
  4. I come over for a meet-&-greet, snuggle your pets, and establish my fee (*the published rate, above, is for 1-2 pets).
  5. While I’m there, you can copy my FL DL so you can perform the background check of your choice.
  6. Autumn and winter are my busiest time of year, so book early to get the dates you need.
  7. Local references are available on request.
  8. Do you have an emergency need for an Estero dog-sitter, cat-sitter, or pet-sitter? If I’m available, we can short-track the above steps and I will arrive ASAP.

About me…

  • Do I have another job? Yes. I am a yoga teacher and leave occasionally to teach classes. I am also a freelance writer and editor, so I can do my work from your home.
  • I do not smoke cigarettes.
  • I am vegetarian and will not cook or bring meat into your home. This is ideal for clients who are vegan, Kosher, Halal, Hindu, and Buddhist. I will, however, feed meat to your pets as instructed.
  • I have a BS in Environmental Policy and an MSEd. I have taught English in the US, at UDelaware and USF, and spent 10 years abroad teaching in South Korea, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brazil, and Argentina.
  • I’m the kind of lady who listens to NPR and will NOT be voting for Trump.