Silver Yoga classes can help you improve your physical fitness even if your body isn’t as flexible or strong as it used to be.


Silver Yoga Classes Significantly Improve Seniors Physical Fitness

Silver Yoga Classes Significantly Improve Seniors Physical Fitness


When young-older adults eat right and exercise regularly, they are less likely to develop chronic health problems like diabetes and heart disease.

Silver Yoga Basics

Silver Yoga, or Silver Age Yoga, gently improves your strength, increases your flexibility and helps you feel more relaxed. A certified instructor will lead you through the motions of the class. A typical Silver Yoga class may include:

  • seated and/or chair-assisted yoga poses
  • 8 warm-up exercises
  • one or more periods of the corpse pose, shavasana
  • 7 modified Hatha yoga poses
  • 15 minutes of guided imagery meditation
  • a duration of about 1-hour

Silver Yoga Classes With and Without Guided Meditation

This large study from the School of Nursing at Fooyin University in Taiwan wanted to know if omitting the guided-imagery portion of a Silver Yoga class affected physical fitness outcomes. Researchers divided 176 seniors, who lived independently, into three groups:

  1. Silver Yoga with guided-imagery meditation, 70-minute class
  2. Silver Yoga without guided-imagery meditation, 55-minute class
  3. A non-intervention control group

Those attending classes went three times per week for six months.

Shorter Silver Yoga Class Produces Significant Benefits, Too

It turns out, the seniors enjoyed the same significant physical fitness benefits whether they completed the mediation portion of the Silver Yoga class or not, according to the study’s results published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing. Everyone in the yoga groups had better physical fitness after six months than the non-intervention control group.

Keep in mind, this study did not examine the psychological or physiological effects of Silver Yoga Classes with and without guided meditation. Meditation has been shown to reduce perceived stress, reduce blood pressure and more. If the aforementioned benefits are important to you, I would suggest keeping the meditation portion in your routine.

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Photo credit: Ian MacKenzie