Free, Black Carrying Strap and Matching Yoga Blocks for Some Colors

BalanceFrom All Purpose Yoga Mat
BalanceFrom All Purpose Yoga Mat Review

BalanceFrom All-purpose Yoga Mat: an overview

What is the number one best-selling yoga mat on Amazon? The BalanceFrom all-purpose yoga mat. Oddly enough, this company’s name name is not BalanceForm—maybe there was a typo (LMFAO). You can choose from multiple colors, including black, blue, gray, green, pink, purple, and red. For some colors, matching blocks are available. The price varies up to a few dollars by color, and all colors are advertised to come with a free, black carrying strap.

If you’re a yoga beginner, this generic, best-selling yoga mat with a free strap on Amazon is a good starter mat and features the commonly observed anti-slip waffle pattern. You would find this exercise accessory in any box store or sporting goods store. So, you might as well save yourself the trip and buy it on Amazon.

Juicy Tidbits from Amazon Reviews

Over 38,000 folks have reviewed this ¼-inch, high-density yoga mat, which is a lot reviews because many products have only hundreds of reviews. The overall rating is 5 stars, 73%, and 4 stars, 15%.

Based on reviews for the BalanceFrom all-purpose yoga mat, this exercise accessory seems to satisfy beginners, who enjoy it but soon seem to long for a higher quality, more expensive yoga mat. Luckily, you can find plenty of deals on various grades, sizes, and prices of yoga mats on Amazon; then, you have the pleasure of avoiding wasting your time and gallons of gas traveling to and from the store.

Other Need-to-Know Information

The length and width of this BalanceFrom all-purpose yoga mat are 68 by 24 inches, respectively. You can clean it with mild soap and water. You will want to clean it more than occasionally because you typically step and sweat all over it while getting your workout on during yoga class. The posted description says the material is “eco-friendly.” However, further details, such as the actual material, are not provided.

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