I wanted to post an alert regarding a scam. The names and email addresses associated with this scam are as follows: HR Coordinator, Kuan Huang, ADC Biotechnology Ltd, ADC Biotechnology Limited, admin@adcbio.org, Clorosco@aol.com, Clorosco, and adcbio.org,

In this scam, the folks are claiming to be from a company called ADC Bio and hiring editors. I want to prevent folks from being victimized, but I didn’t want to join another website to post about it. Thus, to practice Karma yoga, I am posting the details (good-samaritan style) here.

Here’s the steps that I experienced:

I received an email stating that they saw my CV on Zip Recruiter, that I was a suitable candidate, and that they were from South Korea, a country in which I lived and worked for more than 2 years.

I offered an updated CV, and they declined.

I accepted the interview over Google Hangout, it was all texting, and they asked me to say “yes, no, or okay” to the information and not ask questions.

They took a few minutes to respond each time, which was odd.

The final interview step is to answer 15 questions in 35 minutes.

Next, they said I was a good candidate and would conference with the HR guy and that I should stay close on the line.

Next, I was hired and they requested my name, sex, address, bank name, and cell phone carrier.

I then received an ADC BIO Employment Letter and an ADC Biotechnology Limited Letter of Obligation.

Finally, they wanted me to purchase approximately USD 5,000 worth of equipment but that I should not worry because they would send me a check to pay for it. Also, they said, “we can trust you,” right?

Anyway, I caught on, with the help of my partner, and told them I was tired and that we could meet in the morning. (So funny to be polite to people who are trying to do us harm.)

Next, I blocked their email addresses and deleted Google Hangouts, which I do not use anyway and called my bank, because I was foolish enough to give them that information.