Sprouted hummus easily turns regular hummus recipes into a living, raw foods delight by using sprouted chickpeas, instead of canned.

Sprouted Hummus Tips

Sprouted Hummus Tips

Hummus is a high-protein dip and the most popular refrigerated flavored spread. How popular is it? In the last 15 years retail sales have shot up from US$5 million to US$325 million dollars, according to Symphony IRI Group, a Chicago market research firm.

Choose Organic Chickpeas

  • Use any type of organic dry chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans. Non-organic chickpeas may have been treated with chemicals.

Chickpeas Sprout in 2-3 Days

  • It only takes 2–3 days for chickpeas to sprout; now, you can whiz them into hummus.

Modify Your Favorite Hummus Recipe

  • Garlic tastes much stronger in sprouted hummus. So, you might want to cut the recipe’s amount of garlic in half.

Salt Sprouted Hummus to Taste

  • On a mission to reduce your sodium intake? Salt your hummus to taste instead of following the recipe.  Start with half the recommended amount of salt (or less); then, add pinch-by-pinch to taste.
  • For the best flavor, make your sprouted hummus with sea salt or Himalayan salt.

Fix the Slightly Sweet Taste

  • Sprouted hummus tastes sweeter than regular hummus. Adding a pinch of cumin to the mix and topping your serving dish with a sprinkle of paprika (smoked paprika is also awesome) adds a bit of bitter and enhances the nutty flavor of the tahini.

Add Water to Sprouted Hummus

  • Some hummus recipes call for water and others don’t. Personally, I add water to my hummus. About ¼ cup for every 2 cups of sprouted chickpeas.

Half Sprouted, Half Cooked Hummus

  • Sprouted hummus tastes a bit different from its conventional sibling and might take some getting used to for you or your family. If you didn’t like it, but are determined to add chickpea sprouts to your diet, don’t “throw the baby out with the bathwater.” Instead, make the hummus with half sprouted chickpeas and half canned. For example, if the recipe calls for 2 cups of chickpeas, add 1 cup each of sprouted and canned.

Recipes for Inspiration

Sprouted, Raw Hummus

Hummus with Canned or Dry Chickpeas

  • Israeli Hummus with Paprika and Whole Chickpeas
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  • Hummus Mashaushe – Galilean-Style Hummus