Victoria Weinblatt, MSEd, RYT-200, CMT

Workplace Wellness Yoga in Southwest Florida

Hi! My name is Victoria Weinblatt, MSEd. I am a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance.

You and your coworkers can have the luxury of enjoying yoga and meditation at work when you let the Genius of Yoga support your organization’s Workplace Wellness program. There is no limit to the number of students per class, as long as your room can accommodate them.

Once we determine a schedule that suits your needs, I will come to your workplace by the hour and lead your employees through this enjoyable and healthy experience.

You and your staff can choose the number of sessions per hour, which is from 1 to 3. The most popular choice is two, 25-minute YogaBreaks per hour.

The Genius of Yoga brings the benefits of yoga to your workplace in Bonita Springs, Naples, Estero & Fort Myers.

Take a YogaBreak

Clinical studies suggest regular YogaBreaks can increase workers’ job satisfaction and productivity.

Our YogaBreak is designed to quickly and effectively de-stress & re-energize your workforce:

  • Part 1 – Guided Meditation
  • Part 2 – Seated yoga poses that target health issues for workers
  • Part 3 – Deep breathing & self-massage

Perform yoga while sitting in a chair, wearing your work clothes, and listening to relaxing music. You won’t sweat and no flexibility or experience is required.

1 to 3 YogaBreak sessions per hour (mix and match with Yoga-Free Zone) & an unlimited number of people.

Workplace Yoga Enhances Job Satisfaction and Productivity

Many employees, just like you, who participate in workplace wellness programs consisting of yoga and meditation have positive outcomes. They report a variety of physical and psychological benefits that can increase their quality of life, including job satisfaction and productivity, according to a study in Occupational Medicine.

Yoga-Free Zone

Inclusion is important to the success of any workplace wellness program.

Are some of your staff not into yoga? No problem. Simply sign-up for our Yoga-Free session.

During this 15 to 25 minute guided imagery, meditation and breathing session you will:

  • sit in any comfortable chair
  • close your eyes
  • listen and imagine as instructed
  • breathe with the instructor

Research shows guided imagery can increase productivity, reduce stress and anxiety, and have a positive effect on mood.

You can mix and match YogaFree Zone and YogaBreak sessions, up to 3 sessions per hour – depending on the duration you choose.

To schedule a

FREE demonstration

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1-Hour Yoga Class

Do you have a fitness room or empty conference space? If so, I can teach a 50-minute Hatha yoga class.

I will teach a classically-sequenced Hatha yoga class,  just like you would take at a premier health club or yoga studio, but conveniently in your office.

Yoga classes are an inclusive team-building activity and customized to meet the needs of any employee who wants to participate, including:

  • beginners
  • intermediate students
  • those with pre-existing conditions

Yoga mat and comfortable clothing required.

Doing yoga, even just once per week, can reduce stress and improve feelings of well-being.

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Workplace Wellness Yoga in Southwest Florida

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