Let this 3-minute guided meditation script help you relax the body, quiet the mind and appreciate the moment. These words are a wonderful gift for your audience, clients, friends or students.

3-minute guided meditation script

This 3-minute meditation script is appropriate for almost any setting and should not “offend” anyone’s religious sensibilities. Speaking these words is a wonderful way to bathe your audience in good vibes and relaxation, so they can open their minds and increase their focus.

Appropriate for corporate functions, yoga classes, or at home. Give your audience this gift, and they’re probably more likely to remember your presentation.


Tips for Leading a Guided Meditation

When you read this 3-minute guided meditation script, speak slowly and melodically. Make sure to pause for 2 to 3 seconds between some sentences and allow your audience to breathe. Short pauses allow the receiver to get into a more deeply relaxed state. Give your seated audience sufficient time to inhale and exhale.

The 3-Minute Guided Meditation Script

Please use, share, and enjoy the following:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. I invite you, when you take your next breath, to simply be more conscious.
  3. Allow your breath to bring you into the present moment, here and now.
  4. Breathe through your nose.
  5. Inhale cool air and nurture yourself.
  6. Exhale warm air and expel any tension and negative emotion.
  7. Feel your feet connecting you to the floor and the earth.
  8. Gently correct your posture by slowly lifting your chin until the top of your head radiates up towards the sky.
  9. Relax your shoulders down like ice melting in a hot spring, and feel your neck grow long.
  10. Relax your forehead, relax your eyes, relax your jaw, relax your ears, and relax the muscles at the back of your neck.
  11. Notice your breath and allow it to bring you into the present moment where you’re safe, relaxed and doing something positive.
  12. Quiet your mind.
  13. Let thoughts go by like leaves floating in a mountain stream.
  14. Bring your attention to your breath.
  15. Disengage from the past and from the future.
  16. Enjoy fully the present moment.
  17. Begin to cultivate an inner peace.
  18. A safe place in your heart, filled with love and light.
  19. Breathe.
  20. Open your eyes. “I welcome you to “my presentation on _______, today. I’m so glad you are here with me, and we are here together.”

Can I Play Music During A Guided Meditation Session?

Playing relaxing background music is optional when leading a guided meditation session. However, it’s my personal preference to use music unless in a large and quiet space where participants are far enough apart that they can’t hear one another breathe.

I like to play music that has no singing or chanting during the session to

  • Block out mechanical and street noises
  • Block out the soft sounds of the person next to you
  • Change the atmosphere from “uptight office” to “relaxation chamber”

*This 3-minute guided meditation script was inspired by Alejandro Chaoul, Ph.D. and the M.D. Andersen Cancer Center.